Interior Design in Kerala

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Commercial Interior Design Kerala

Perhaps you have seen in magazines, and marveled at the beauty of the commercial interior design, they have or you may have watched a variety of commercial interior design shows on televisions and might have amazed by their beauty. Regardless, you own a business and you want to make an effective commercial interior design and thereby making it enchance your working atmosphere.
Applied Design Group was founded in the year 1998 and have completed various apartment interior designs, commercial interior designs, restaurant / cafe interior design, houseboat interior designs in the past twelve years . Sajive Gangadharan, the chief designer of Applied Design Group primarily focus on designing, construction and installation of commercial interiors and home interiors with an organic touch.
The first impression which created with regard to an interior design is the first part which has to be considered. Therefore, an interior designer must make sure that your first impression of the design makes the best impresssion in people's minds. With regard to commercial interior design, ADG effectively projects your brand which will be depicted in a fascinating and exciting manner. Since AD offers complete service in the field of interior design, we will create designs with regard to your budget in mind, the construction and the final product.
Design goal of ADG is to become the leading organic interior designers in aborad and beyond. Our employees are continuously trained to provide our customers with outstanding work satisfaction.
Whether you have a large or small business that needs to be redesigned, we can help you with the complete process - from design to installation.
Applied Design Group presents innovative designs, fresh and modern ideas in office / commercial interior design. Our main goal is to reveal your identity, your image, your products / services represent it the right manner. We present our design for you with high standard so that it allows you to imagine the end product well. Applied Design Group is certainly open to your requests and suggestions for changes.

After the design phase is finished and you have decided on our offer. Once our offers have been well understood by you we will start the production. Once the elements in the interior design as well planned and designed on paper, the plans are forwarded to workshop for its production.
Coming up with the appropriate look and feel for your commercial space is very important in view of the right corporate image of your business. If you want to feel your customers, shareholders and employees the best of the business environment, then you need to create the right commercial layout. It helps, of course, if your company have the goal.
Several commercial interior designs are actually available for you to choose for your company. The designs range from contemporary to ultra modern, minimalist, traditional or innovative forms of transition, elegant and a lot more of other designs which are perfect for any commercial space. There are many factors which can be taken into consideration before they can offered for your commercial space.
Functionality is the primary thing to be considered by professional companies for their commercial interior designs. This is especially true if your corporate space has got high pedestrian traffic or direct interaction with the customer. And so, hiring the right interior design firm that knows your needs and preferences for your internal corporate communication architecture to meet your most pressing decision will be. Be sure to note the company's reputation, record of service, compassion for their territory and the right understanding in providing their customers the best service

Certified Organic Interior Designer in Kerala

The land of kerala located on the southern part of India has got some of the most visited destinations in India. Travelers from around the visits India to experience the beautiful tropical landscapes, serene beaches, tranquil backwaters and the unique kerala architecture. The kerala type of architecture and interior design is lauded by architects from around the world for its unique nature and the way the buildings are engineered to make use of maximum natural light and air.
This unique way of architecture and interior designing has persuaded to learn more about the designing and eventually become an interior designer who create designs based on kerala style architecture. Another unique feature of kerala style architecture and interior design is that it uses more natural / eco friendly elements for creating attractive and serene interiors.
For the past several years many interior designer from all across india and the world have come to visit the palaces in kerala to learn more about how interior design and architecture has been accomplished by the architects of early ages. Many of the usual interior designers including me were truly amazed by the techniques used in those palaces and houses built in previous centuries.
My visit to these palaces age old houses has persuaded me to become an organic interior designer. For the past 13 year i have been working as an interior designer who implements organic design concepts in the projects. Many of the interior designers uses more 80% of synthetic materials for interior designing but as an organic interior designer i am using more than 80% of natural or eco friendly mateirals for created those perfect designs.
The unique feature of kerala style interior designer is its use of organic and nature friendly materials for indoors. Many of the keralites who are living outside kerala, when they plan to build a house they usually got for kerala style design. All those keralites are well aware of the quality of kerala style architecture and its unique interior design features.
With my experience in the interior design industry for the past 13 years i have implemented many projects out of which about 95% of them are organic interior designs. As an interior design consultant me and my interior design firm Applied Design Group has been awarded and certified by national as well as international interior design groups / institutions / associations. Visit my website for more details about my interior design projects, interior design ideas and thoughts and certifications.
Visit : for more details about my interior design projects in south India.

Office Interior Design Kerala

Sajive Gangadharan is a certified interior designer working in kerala India having offices both in Trivandrum, Cochin and Bangalore. In the past 13 years working as an independent interior designer Sajive have successfully many office interior design projects in south India. In all of these projects Sajive has primarily focused on organic interior designing. In the recent past Sajive has worked with major commercial establishments like Style Plus, Reliance Fresh and Artech Builders. The quality , innovation and creative skills shown by Sajive, who is the chief designer in Applied Design Group have brought in many prestigious interior design awards for the him and interior design firm.

As a reputed commercial interior designer in south India Sajive has completed interior design projects which includes the interior decoration of office, corporate offices, retail facilities, hotels and restaurants, private homes, medical stores etc . Sajive have shown world class skills on designing furniture and work spaces in commercial establishments.

The layout and design of interior spaces will be the main focus on commercial interior design. As an organic interior designer Sajive at Applied Design Group, considers not only technical and economic but also environmental and social aspects. The advice, supervision and graphical representation of the work which are going to execute with the clients is the focus of our work.

At Applied Design Group (ADG) we believe that interior design / architecture is a culture - with our work, we create a culture to live and work. Clear design lines, harmonious proportions and natural materials handling achieve a timelessness in the draft and thus form the basis of our office philosophy.

Interior Design Consultant in Kerala

Interior Design Consultant Kerala

Personal drive of my work is the passion to design and create eco friendly habitats for people, whether it is a home or an office space. A particular concern to me here is to use architecture and interior design in a good relationship and become a creative unit to let. We at applied design group is looking for unique and almost unique solutions that reflect the special place in the material, shape and color. Solutions that give the space its own identity and meet him in the same consequence, the views and needs of clients.

Because the best designs are created by mutual exchange, it is important to me to involve customers and builders active in the design. The aim is to explore new ideas together ways.

At applied design group we offer consultation on furnishing and design issues on site or at my office in both trivandrum and cochin,Kerala, India. We provides interior design recommendations / advice verbally, if necessary for more clarification with hand sketches to capture the developed ideas and clarify.

We offer holistic planning and execution of maintenance and monitoring. After the basic analysis is at each step in the continuous exchange with you the draft plan include elaborated with the following contents: - Floor space organization and Color and material design.

AFter the initial planning and creation of design in paper, in order to implement the craft which we have created as a design a person from Applied Design Grop will be available on site. Most probably it will be Sajive gangadharan, the chief designer in Applied Design Group will be available on site during implementation.

Sajive Gangadharan
Design with a corresponding representation in the floor plan, views and perspectives with color and material design. The concept serves as a design template for example in the form of a furniture concept that you can implement on their own. - Lighting concept, - Kitchen and bathroom planning, - Furnishing and expansion plan. With regard to furniture design exclusive design of single units, which are tailored to your needs. We, the designers at applied design group create the final design for the carpenters and painters to deliver the ultimate product.

Children's Room Interior Design

Interior design for children is one of the most fun, delightful aspects of the business, if you ask me. It is so fun because children are limitless as far as their creativity and imagination. Whenever planning interior design for children's end, it is certain that involve children in planning, and if you feel very brave, the implementation of your designs.
A good starting point or theme for interior design for children is to start with everyone's favorite activity or to play or even letters of interest of the child. Remember that many items to try the interest of the children subject to change with time, ie, those interests are to be used and favorites with additions and changes that simply have as their interests and needs to be replaced in the future, change . If a child has a particular activity or interest that they are very enthused about and they have a special request, which would make the design very special to them, go for it, as long as parents are as enthusiastic as the child is. They also warn them of all kind of headaches before, the future they could learn to change when it comes time to design the new space to accommodate the changing needs of the child.
If you plan your colors or designs choose, remember that interior design will offer unique opportunities for children to use bold or bright colors that would not normally be ideal for use in adult surroundings. Following the same principles certain areas of the space would be more ergonomic to use as focal points were then in the atmosphere of an adult. E.g. a plaque or a toy box could capture the attention of a child were so then a table or seating arrangement.
Another aspect of the design, which varies from the adult tastes when planning interior design for children would be the additives that are used to highlight and accentuate key features. Toys and collectibles make wonderful objects to use in this application. However, many times toys that are put on display or for decoration, toys that the child would enjoy much more when he was playing with him rather then him actually being on display. You can solve this dilemma by some using the old, unused toys that fascinate no longer the interests of the child, or even by purchasing duplicates and they leave a version of the toy really use, and informing them that the other " just look for "are.
Also, keep in mind that collectibles often are times of less significance to smaller children then are to adults, so check whether any item that is placed in a child's room, not the significant fiscal or sentimental value just in the case!
The bonding in the interior design for children can be easily accomplished by buying one of millions of available bed treatments that is complimentary to the designs and subjects used in the creation of the space plan, as well as fit with the selected additives in well . Many bed treatment packages come packaged with matching detailed sheets, a comforter, dust ruffle and window coverings. These items can get a space in the largest of all the way along and have a choice in the interior design for children that are accessible by anyone looking to make a change.
Always remember, when on, interior design planning for children, a child changes attitudes, opinions and behavior to every three years. Permanent changes of any kind are a big no-no and the practical, cost-effective are ideal. A good furniture tip, to, to remember when designing for children is to buy reasonably priced, sound furniture that does not break the bank. Children are even harder on furniture then they are on clothes! And take into consideration when working with the most important interior design for children - of course you HAVE FUN!

Interior Designer Kerala

When the decorating decisions for new homes to decorate it, or the production is important to remember that your major decisions elections for a long period of time certainly could affect decorating. Regard to commitment to the bold or unusual color treatments before you really have had the opportunity, how such changes coordinate with your furniture placement is not in this kind of situation is very advisable. In any case, the best advice that could receive while planning stage interior design for new homes, is to make the mediocre, undramatic design choices to get started, you can change at a later time, if you decide to do so.
This may seem like very unusual advice concerning interior design for the new houses that come especially from someone who works within the design, industry-but there's a good explanation for this reasoning. A large, open space without viewing or any furniture content within that space to make visible, fairly easy to get carried away with little in making the structural changes. Also, keep in mind that, used by interior colors of the very bold or dramatic designer on the walls, you could close off the future of your alternative color choices to those that the bright color include, therefore, that any possibility of using neutral colors without major restructuring of the wall surfaces removed.
Wallpaper is another such choice that you could check, in the construction of interior design to use for new homes. Again wallpaper is removed and the renewal of the surface often times quite a headache that can be avoided by using other alternatives for creative wall finishing. A great alternative for wallpaper that adds a great texture to the wall surfaces would be washing a finishing technique and would like Fauxvollenden from, or stenciled. This election (and many more like them) offer a variety of replacement, the equally appealing and much simpler, more permanent solutions such as wallpaper change then. If you have absolutely wallpaper in any of the premises must attempt to achieve by using an edge, for the look you aspire to, instead of embracing the entire wall surface.
If you walls, if you apply some well-known interior design tips and tricks to your method, you painted in pleasing the aggregate effects, if completely surprised. E.g. They brighten up small or dark rooms with light wall colors. Add letters and direction larger areas by defining them with contrasting colors and textures. Bold colors or rigid panels can provide a defining characteristic of an area also available that you can put on wall pieces on display when you are ready to equip.
Once the walls have been treated in your new home, the following agenda item during, interior design for new homes would plan to dynamic placement of your hanging accessories such as mirrors, pictures, and be kind. Do not clutter walls. Make good choices and place such items in key places by establishing focal points or display areas, the flatter the rest of your design.
Interior design for new homes can be a delicate process. There is a good possibility that the area is in your new house a little bigger or smaller then the space in your previous house was concerned. It is this reason that planning placement and theme of each room is so vitally important in your new home to successful interior design of the new houses. Be sure to measure the widths of the inputs and furniture before moving day arrives, in order to avoid controversy at the coming of the new furniture in your living room. Take careful notice at any moving activity that occurs in and around your new house. Careless moving disturbances can disfigure floors and walls and cause errors in your new home before you even started to live there.
Placement of furniture in the new houses is one of the main aspects of the unique interior design for new homes. The old philosophy of creating larger spaces, is characterized by the furniture along the walls, although sometimes at other times and N shares the space into two different rooms at by furniture towards the different emphases in position brings consequently, the space and versatility to the area and the magnification he add.
The most important matter of concern when styling or interior design planning stage for new homes, an environment is set up to provide individuals who live there. To create a space that is accommodating to the lifestyle of each person is, the general principle of the new design chief.